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Where am I - where do you stand?

Interconnecting pastoral care among hard of hearing

IVSS Churchear Conference 2018 in France
13th–17th September

International ministry of Hearing impaired persons

Centre Culturel St. Thomas


IVSS Churchear invites you to a thrilling conference with interesting lecturers and exciting encounters. Out conference theme this time is: “Where am I – Where do you stand? – Interconnecting Pastoral Care among Hard of Hearing”.

Our Conferences are for all who want education and inspiration about the challenge how to interact with us who are hard of hearing, in our Churches and Congregations. Some of those who come are working professionally with this; others know nothing about this issue, but want to learn. Some are members of IVSS-Churchear, corporate or individual; most are not. You are all welcome to Strasbourg to our 19th Conference!

At the conference we invite you to attend the following workshops, Saturday or Sunday:
"Meditation in the Prayer of the heart" - led by rev. Dorothee Holzapfel (DE).
"How to light the flame, when you are missing the spark?" - led by rev. Eyolf Berg (NO)
"Hearing impaired female academics" (NB! This is not the finalt title for this workshop!) - led by dr.med. Marie-Louise Barrenäs (SE) 
Do not forget to mark on the registration form which workshop you will attend, Saturday as well as Sunday.

How to get to Strasbourg?

If you come bye car, it should not be difficult to find Strasbourg. Our conference site is in the city centre, close to the The European Council. Using a GPS it should be easy to find.

Unfortunately Strasbourg doesn’t have an international airport. For those who come by air we recommend that you go to Frankfurt in Germany and continue by train from there. There are fast and frequent train connections between Frankfurt international airport and Strasbourg. From Strasbourg railway station it is only a short way to our conference site.

You may now register for the 2018 International Conference for Pastoral Care among Hard of Hearing by clicking here.


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